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We offer a complete one-stop-shop meaning we take your project from start to completion including all planning & regulation applications, plan design, building work and completion checks.

We can supply contact details of past customers so you can really find out what we are like!

We will even handle all telephone calls and letter responses from local authorities.

We endeavour to stick to our start dates and will work around you to ensure you have a stress free conversion.

Our quotations are submitted with a detailed brief and payment schedule which is easy to understand meaning you have full clarity of the job ahead.

Most conversions donít require planning permission but all conversions will need building regulations.

We complete all the planning permission and building regulation paperwork for our clients.

When the project is complete all of the building regulations certificates are supplied for your retention.

By converting your garage you could significantly increase the value of your property. If you have a single garage that is too small for parking your car, a garage conversion will not only add financial value to your property, it gives you more practical value too.

If you have a larger garage you can have the best of both worlds and have a part conversion. With a part conversion part of the garage is retained for storage whilst the rest is converted into a useable room.

FMB / Velux® / European Builders Confederation
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